why harrison assessments?


Harrison's industry leading SmartQuestionnaire measures 175 workplace factors and enables the effective measurement of leadership paradoxes, emotional intelligence, personality, motivation, attitudes, passion for specific jobs, engagement, and retention. - all in one high-tech 25-minute questionnaire.

When applied to group data the Smart Questionnaire analyzes the organization's leadership capability, talent pipeline, likely talent retention rate, and provides actionable insights into company engagement, leadership development and succession planning.

Match people to the right roles, facilitate employee engagement, develop job specific behavioral competencies, promote core values, accelerate leadership development, and enable managers to coach, engage, and retain employees. It's truly a SmartQuestionnaire.

The foundational theories

There are two foundational theories that support the Harrison Assessment. The unique methodology of the enjoyment performance theory (focusing on behavioral preferences) and the paradox theory (focusing on interpersonal, achievement and leadership behaviors) improves one’s ability to predict success and inspire performance.  

The Enjoyment Performance Theory

The Enjoyment Performance Theory suggests that when we enjoy a task—we do it more often. When we do something over and over, we tend to get better at doing it through repetition—getting better, one usually receives positive recognition and feedback from others and ourselves for our success or progress—and that positive external feedback or internal self-satisfaction increases our enjoyment of the behavior. The cycle keeps repeating itself—increasing the strength of enjoyment and preference for the behavior—and to some degree resulting in behavior habits that we don’t realize are behavior choices.

This cycle also plays out for the tasks we don’t enjoy—we avoid or procrastinate on those behaviors we don’t enjoy—so we usually don’t do them enough to get better or improve—thus, the feedback (from self or others) may be negative or at least less flattering—which decreases the enjoyment or preference for those behaviors. Over time those behaviors become a very low preference or tendency—often they aren’t even on our ‘radar screen’ as a behavior choice.

The Paradox Theory

The Paradox Theory is the second foundational theory that supports the Harrison Assessment. A paradox has two statements or beliefs that on the surface appear to be oppositional or contradictory that nevertheless are both true. Paradoxical traits are two traits that also seem oppositional but are in fact interdependent and synergistic. Having one and not the other is incomplete and predicts potential difficulties.

Dr. Harrison has identified 12 pairs of behavior traits that are paradoxical in nature. If only one of the traits of a paradox pair is strong, even the strong trait can become a weakness rather than a strength. Within each paradox, the degree of balance or out-of-balance can be very predictive and revealing about our behavior.

Job Success Formulas

Job Success Formulas for Effective Employee Assessment

How do I hire the best candidates and avoid mis-hires? In this era of talent wars, organizations struggle to hire and retain the talent they need to effectively compete. Acquiring, developing, and retaining top talent requires knowing what makes employees succeed in specific jobs. Job Success Formulas (JSFs) are a key to winning the talent wars. Employment assessments need to measure applicants against those job specific success factors and give employees clarity about how they can succeed and what tendencies they need to avoid.

Harrison's employment assessments provides more than 6500 proven and pre-configured Job Success Formulas to help your organization easily and accurately predict job success. Each formula identifies and measures the qualifications (eligibility) and behavioral requirements (suitability) needed to succeed in the job. JSFs identify people who are both eligible and suitable.

The JSF provides a weighted scoring algorithm that generates an overall score based on a scoring formula that reflects the impact of each possible answer. The overall score indicates likely performance.

Harrison Assessment's Job Success Formulas are developed from 30 years of world-wide job performance research and provide a comprehensive integrated hiring system. The final employment assessment score measures candidates' eligibility, suitability, and interview scores against the ideal candidate for the position in your organization.

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reliability, validity & compliance

The SmartQuestionnaire™ prevents deception because it contains only positive statements that are ranked according to what the individual enjoys the most. The built-in lie prevention system automatically detects even the slightest attempt to manipulate the results.


  • Test-Retest Reliability
  • Technical Consistency


  • Ranking
  • Preference Focus
  • Paradox Methodology
  • Technological Lie Detection


  • Content Validity
  • Construct Validity
  • Criterion-Related Validity


  • EEOC (US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) Compliant
  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization )10667 Compliant
  • Complies with all 13 requirements of OFCCP
  • Complies with EU GDPR Data Law Protection

Usage options

Harrison offers various usage options to suit your needs. These include pay per assessment, monthly or annual fees for unlimited screening for unlimited jobs, and unlimited usage for employee development.

Pay aS YOU GO - We'll do it all for you

Whether you are looking to acquire, develop, lead or engage your team - we're here to help. We offer a variety of cost-effective programs to assess your candidates and employees, assist you with on-boarding, development, engagement, retention and succession planning. Get in touch with us and we'll help you predict success and inspire performance.


There is no charge to send out a questionnaire or to complete the assessment. We only charge when assessment results are generated. With a multitude of reports available to be generated from the one assessment, it's a cost and time effective way to assess candidates and employees. With the exception of only a few reports, there is a maximum charge for all the many types of assessments that can be generated. Our currency are called units, buy as many as you need, replenish as you need - and they do not expire. We'll train you on how to administer the system, teach you how to gain the most from the results of the data and be here to help you along the way.

JobFlix - Unlimited Screening for One Month for One Job

JobFlix - Unlimited Screening for One Month for One Job. Choose a job and obtain one month's access to unlimited candidate screening for Eligibility and Suitability for only US$1,000. It includes a free Your Greatest Strengths Report with employer branding given to each candidate upon completion of the SmartQuestionniare. There is a special offer for new customers which includes a free customized assessment (Job Success Formula) reviewed by an Expert Job Analyst.

Annual Assessment AgreementS

Our Annual Assessment Agreements are custom tailored to your needs and usage of the system. We'll maximize the value to your organization by offering unlimited use of the Employee Development, Succession Planning and Recruitment Modules including all assessments, technology, and reports for a fixed monthly fee based on the number of employees or candidates being assessed.


Are you looking to integrate Harrison Assessments into your coaching, consulting or recruitment practice? Learn more about accelerating the growth of your practice by becoming a Certified Harrison Assessment Coach.

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Accreditation and Training

To ensure Harrison Assessments customers and partners are maximising their knowledge and use of our predictive talent analytics technology we offer in-depth training leading to certification. Customers can be assured that holders of the Harrison Assessments accreditation have been trained and have passed a practical competency assessment.


We offer self-paced accreditation, in-person accreditation and virtual training options for your entire team. Get in touch with us to determine which of our training options will best suit the needs of your organization. 

International Coaching Federation (ICF) CCE Accredited

Harrison Assessments accredited training is approved for Continuing Coaching Education credits for those who complete the training and pass the competency assessment. CCE credits only apply to existing ICF members.


Integration with HR Systems and Applicant Tracking Systems

Harrison has different integration API options depending upon the level of integration required and the type of system with which you wish to integrate. You can automatically request questionnaires and receive scores or reports in your HR or Applicant Tracking System. For further information please request our integration information package.

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