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Grow Your Strengths!

Strengths are your areas of opportunity.

While the results of your greatest strengths report might appear simple, they were considered against a series of seemingly opposite traits which are in fact complementary.  We call these paradoxical pairs of traits.

Harrison Assessments™ is based on Paradox Theory and each of your greatest strengths can be measured on one of our 12 Paradoxes.  Within each Paradox, there are two complementary (paradoxical)  traits.  One trait is a 'dynamic' trait such as authoritative, while the other is a 'gentle' trait such as collaborative.

By uncovering the traits that make up each of your greatest strengths, you have the opportunity to further develop these traits and grow your strengths.  We'll give you the road map to do so.

We've packaged our strengths development packages to include development opportunities for each of the traits that make  up your greatest strengths.  Learn More >


Before you pick a development package, let's jump into a strength so you can understand our development recommendations.

Strength:             Engaging in Participative Management
Paradox:              Delegation
Traits:                   Authoritative, Collaborative

The paradox on this page is called Delegation which we describe as how you approach self-responsibility and collaboration.   This paradox is made up of the following complementary traits:  authoritative (the desire for decision-making authority and the willingness to accept decision making responsibility) and collaborative (the tendency to collaborate with others when making decision).  So in order to grow this strength, it is important to develop the traits that make up this strength.

"Never hesitate to take counsel from appropriate people, but always take full responsibility for your own decision."

Even small growth of a trait can create significant improvement. Click the following link to view a sample of a Harrison Assessments™ Greatest Strengths Trait Development Package.  Each section of the report contains an explanation of the trait and its relevance to career or personal development.  It also includes exercises designed to provide a practical experience and ongoing application that will GROW the traits that make up your greatest strengths.

Using your greatest strengths report, pick a strength or two that you would like to further develop.  Select the strength development package for that greatest strength and get started growing that strength.  Click here to select your strength development package.

Not ready to select your package until you fully understand the traits that make up your strengths? Refer to the strengths below for details. Once you decide which strength to work on, click here to select your strength development package.

Strength:             Striving for Achievement
Traits:                   Takes Initiative, Wants Challenge, Enthusiasm, Manages Stress Well, Relaxed

Strength:             Being Adaptive and Organized
Traits:                   Organized, Flexible

Strength:             Engaging in Participative Management
Authoritative, Collaborative

Strength:             Communicating Considerately and Truthfully
Frank, Diplomatic

Strength:             Keeping a Positive Outlook
Optimistic, Analyzes Pitfalls

Strength:             Building Affinity and Accountability
Enforcing, Warmth/Empathy

Strength:            Achieving Innovation
Persistent, Experimenting

Strength:             Making Thoughtful Conclusions
Certain, Open/Reflective

Strength:             Continuously Improving
Self-acceptance, Self-improvement

Strength:             Looking for Win-Win Solutions
Assertive, Helpful

Strength:             Managing Risks
Risking, Analyzing Pitfalls

Strength:             Logically Solving Problems
Analytical, Intuitive

Strengths are your areas of opportunity and development.
Pick a strength and click here to select your strength development package.