How To Become Gainfully Employed

The Difference Between Succeeding and Merely Graduating

The common thought is that the more education you have, or the more opportunity or the more relationships you have, the more successful you’ll be.

In reality, the greatest skill you can develop is self-assessment. The ability to truly understand yourself and who you are, what you do, and why you matter to the world. If you can articulate that, then you can build a plan and path based off those ideas.

How to find gainful employment, with Dr Colby Jubenville


  • The difference between employment and gainful employment
  • Exactly why it is so important to conduct a personal assessment
  • Why your 20’s are the most important decade of your life
  • How harnessing your natural curiosity will turbo charge your job search
  • Why you should try and get paid for your value and not your time
  • Why people don’t need personal development, they need personal change
  • How finding gainful employment is one of the biggest challenges that you will face