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Grow Your Strengths!

Strengths are your areas of opportunity.

While the results of your greatest strengths report might appear simple, they were considered against a series of seemingly opposite traits which are in fact complementary. We call these paradoxical pairs of traits.

Harrison Assessments™ is based on Paradox Theory and each of your greatest strengths can be measured on one of our 12 Paradoxes. Within each Paradox, there are two complementary (paradoxical) traits. One trait is a 'dynamic' trait such as authoritative, while the other is a 'gentle' trait such as collaborative.

Success is the result of integrating two seemingly contradicting behaviors. In the same way that a bird cannot fly with only one wing, an individual cannot succeed with a single virtue unless it is balanced with complementary virtues. In fact, such an imbalanced trait will only hinder success.

By uncovering the traits that make up each of your greatest strengths, you have the opportunity to further develop these traits and grow your strengths. We'll give you the road map to do so.


We've created a Strengths Development Lab to provide you with development opportunities for each of the traits that make up your greatest strengths. If you have already purchased Your Greatest Strengths Report, we'd like to give you a preview of the Strengths Lab.  There are 12 modules within the lab, and your purchase automatically grants you access to the development road map for Communicating Considerately and Truthfully.

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Communicating Considerately and Truthfully Trait Development Module.

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