Robo Advising HR

Robo Advising HR

Algorithms seem to be the hot topic and "Robo Advising" is one of the newest fads. Algorithms are used for predicting everything from the weather, sports, economic indicators, and financial data to who is the best person to date? Trying to predict behavior is nothing new, people in ancient times used oracles, fortune tellers and crystal balls. Today's technology uses algorithms and the new age of "robo advising" has begun.

According to an algorithm is: a set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps, as for finding the greatest common divisor.

Even though Algorithm's are sometimes used in place of a human being, hence the term "robo advisor", they are ultimately just a very powerful tool that needs to be used with care by human beings in order to accurately predict successful outcomes.

So is there a Robo Advising HR that can choose the right person to hire?

Nothing beats the human interaction when attempting to find the perfect candidate for a job position. Reading the nuances of body language, hearing the indicators of emotions and feeling the energy in the room are all important factors. Using an algorithm assessment tool that helps you conduct the interview as well as give you a basic feel for what the employee is like can make that human interaction even more successful.

Robo Advising? Not hardly. The Harrison Assessment Talent Systems utilize many algorithms to predict job success. The Harrison Assessment results in a rich set of accurate and reliable Decision Analytics that focus on crucial success and engagement factors for any given job. These Decision Analytics support and accelerate decisions throughout the entire talent management lifecycle - from recruiting and hiring - to performance management - to learning and development - to leadership development and succession planning - to team building.