Harrison Assessments™ Paradoxical Leadership Coaching Session


You’ve received your Harrison Assessment Paradox Report and are ready to take further action. Let our experts help you to further explore your report and assist you on your self-awareness journey through a paradoxical leadership lens.

What’s Included in This Package:

A personalized one-on-one phone call or virtual face-to-face 90 Minute Coaching Session with a Harrison Assessments Certified Coach. Once purchased, you will be re-directed to schedule your appointment with your coach.

Pre-Requisite for Coaching Session

Harrison Assessments™ Paradox Report

The Harrison Assessments™ Paradox Graph Analysis is a valuable tool to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. It focuses on 12 paradoxes to SHOW a graphical view of your tendencies related to each paradox, providing a unique insight into oneself and others. Besides offering a window into aspects of ourselves of which we may be only partially aware, it provides a guideline to balance and GROW ourselves. The highest potential for success begins with personal awareness.

Click the following link to view a sample of a Harrison Assessments™ Paradox Graph & Narrative Report.

Once you complete your purchase, you will receive a link to take the on-line assessment, which takes less than 30 minutes. We will then email you a copy of your report.