ME: Purpose



Understanding what’s important to you and what will bring you satisfaction in the workplace is vital in your professional fulfillment. Examining your career values prior to taking a job will help you find the right job that aligns with your purpose and will allow you to flourish.

What’s Included in This Package:

Your Greatest Strengths Report will help you understand your “work content values” and Your Engagement & Retention Report will help you understand and articulate your “work environment values.” Both reports will help guide you to defining your purpose.

Coaching Session with Colby B. Jubenville, PhD

Are you ready to be coached?

We are taught that if we want more, we must have more education, more relationships, and more opportunities. While this is true, the reality that coaching provides a new dimension. One that helps us understand that if you want more, it begins by becoming more self-aware. It is the foundation on which a life and career are built. The program was designed with that idea central to who I am and what I do. My approach begins with personal assessment continues with personal coaching and culminates in personal and professional change.

Once purchased, you will be re-directed to schedule your 60 minute coaching session with Colby B. Jubenville, PhD.