Inclusive Leadership (Self-Paced Course)


Inclusion is not easy, and it is subtle, but when mastered it will open up countless opportunities and compel more successes than failures.

This online course is designed to make the journey to inclusive leadership easier done than said. In this course, you’ll assess your unique behavioral traits, develop your strengths and gaps through the “Inclusive Leadership” lens and ultimately evolve into a more inclusive leader.

Research shows that the most effective teams are made up of leaders that proactively drive their people, and their organizations, to optimize inclusion. To become more inclusive requires you to question your assumptions and truly challenge your thinking so we made this course structure to follow how we, as human beings, learn and grow.

Phase 1 - Assess

  • Defining Inclusive Leadership
  • Assessing Inclusive Leadership Behaviors

Phase 2 - Develop

  • Interpreting Your Harrison Assessment Report
  • Putting the “U” in Inclusive Leadership

Phase 3 - Evolve

  • Creating Your Action Plan for Becoming an Inclusive Leader
  • How to Evolve into an Inclusive Leader

Each course module will feature additional tools and resources designed to assist you in mapping out your journey and becoming the type of inclusive leader you’re striving to be.

This purchase includes the Harrison Assessment Inclusive Leadership Analysis Report, which will help you get the most out of this course. Upon purchase, you will receive a link to complete the online assessment—takes less than 30 minutes. Afterwards, we’ll email you your Inclusive Leadership Report and you’ll be ready to assess, develop and evolve into a more inclusive leader.

Course Options

If you already have access to your personalized Inclusive Leadership Report for this course, you may choose to remove it from the purchase which will discount the price of the course. Keep in mind there are many different Harrison reports available, so if you do NOT already have your personalized Inclusive Leadership Report, you should keep it with the purchase.