Harrison Assessments™ Coaching Series


Congratulations, you’ve received your certification as a Harrison Assessment Debriefer! Are you ready to take the next step to improve your confidence level in interpreting Harrison Assessment reports and enhance your performance in delivering debriefs? This series of five 60-minute one-one-one coaching sessions with Jerry Scher will help you take your in-depth interpretation and debriefing of Harrison Assessments to the next level.

Jerry Scher is a Managing Partner of Harrison Assessments. As a Certified Harrison Assessment Trainer, Jerry uses his knowledge and experience with Harrison Assessments to coach and mentor individuals to unlock and unleash their full potential in using the Harrison Assessment to develop and coach others.

Jerry will be your tour guide and mentor. During your time together, you can role play debriefs prior to delivering them, dive deeper into patterns on the Paradox and the Main Graph, expand your knowledge and delivery for coaching with the Paradox and Main Graph. He'll share his expertise to help you improve your confidence and enhance your performance with a variety of Harrison Assessment reports.

Once purchased, you will be re-directed to schedule your virtual sessions with Jerry Scher.