Harrison Assessments™ The Power of Taking Courage


Opportunities to take courage rise every day in many forms, and it’s up to us to seize those moments in our leadership. Self-awareness is the first step in personal and professional success. The Power of Taking courage starts with self-awareness. I’m sure it makes sense to you that to be a courageous leader, and to have a long-lasting impact, you must first lead your own life successfully and with the power of courage. Have the courage to be self-aware! Effective, self-aware leaders start by examining their strengths and challenges of being a courageous leader, and, as a result, can bring your whole, intact self into your professional and personal life. You'll gain an understanding of the behavioral traits related to taking courage, identify your strengths and opportunities for growth and we'll assist you on your journey of taking courage so you can be a bold leader in your career and in life.

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