Develop Yourself Through A Paradoxical Leadership Lens


As a leader, becoming self-aware of your own strengths and challenges is the first step to ensuring your team functions at its highest and healthiest. Combining your self-assessment with a one-on-one coaching session will assist you on your journey to be a better leader worth following!

Harrison Assessments Paradox Technology measures how you manage 12 paradoxical pairs of behaviors, each of which relate to important core values related to leadership. The Paradoxical Leadership Lens provides a deep insight into your behavioral patterns, responses to stress and will increase your self-awareness. Besides offering a window into aspects of ourselves, of which we may be only partially aware, it provides a guideline for balancing and developing ourselves.

Click the following link to view a sample of a Harrison Assessments™ Paradox Graph & Narrative Report.

Once you complete your purchase, you will receive a link to take the on-line assessment, which takes less than 30 minutes. We will then email you a copy of your report and get you scheduled for your one-on-one coaching session.