PhD Org. Psych 24.7.365: Harrison

PhD Org. Psych 24.7.365: Harrison

It's been a long time since I took a Psych class. I know there is a lot of good stuff there that can help me lead my organization forward.

I wear a lot of hats and one of them is the HR one. People and people processes are typically on my mind. Making sure I have the best people in the positions that they are best suited for is a challenge.

But going back to school to learn more about psychology so I can figure out what is really going on inside an employee or a potential hire is not going to happen. Something else that is not going to happen is hiring a PhD to figure it out for me. That is a major expenditure that I cannot afford.

However, there are relatively low cost alternatives that can help me wear this hat well. Job Fit Assessments. The Harrison Assessment Talent Solution is like having a PhD Org. Psych with me 24/7/365.

The Harrison Assessment uses an online smart questionnaire to provide a robust tool that can help in the sorting and selection of candidates, as well as provide an interview guide and a road map as to what types of compensation and other benefits your winning choice will be attracted to and can guide you through development of the winning person throughout the life cycle of employment.

The Harrison Assessment Talent Systems utilize many algorithms to predict job success. The HA System results in a rich set of accurate and reliable Decision Analytics that focus on crucial success and engagement factors for any given job. These Decision Analytics support and accelerate decisions throughout the entire talent management life cycle; from recruiting and hiring - to performance management - to learning and development - to leadership development and succession planning - to team building.

I don't need a PhD on staff, I can consult my HATS reports and work with certified Harrison consultants and coaches at a much lower price than the cost of a full time doctoral graduate. With my own HATS online 24/7/365 system, it's like I've got Dr. Dan Harrison and his very useful tools sitting next to me but with much more perks...