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Peak Focus is here to help you select your team members with confidence, develop the soft skills of your key players and learn how to coach your entire team more effectively. We work with individuals and corporate teams to identify their strengths, challenges and opportunities for growth.

As a managing partner of Harrison Assessments, Peak Focus assists organizations with creating a synergy around people, performance and profitability. From front line to the executive level, Harrison Assessments unique talent assessment technology enables us to ensure optimum job fit, predict job success and provide validation that candidates are a good match for your job opportunity, your team and your organizational culture. We work side by side with our clients through their selection, development, succession and career planning needs.

We’ll give you the tools to grow, develop and strengthen your team. With a mix of resources that we’ve created ourselves, as well as several powerful tools we’ve carefully assessed and believe in, we combine our passion and experience to guide companies and individuals toward optimized performance.

Meet The Team

Jerry Scher
Managing Partner

Jerry is well known as a business builder, c-level executive, conference speaker, trainer, facilitator, coach, entrepreneur, and mentor.  Jerry has over 40 years of experience as an executive, architect and implementer of effective sales and sales management programs. He provides Harrison Solutions related to selecting sales talent, developing soft skills of key players, and coaching individuals and teams to become more effective. 

Julie Scher
Managing Partner

Julie's specialty areas include working with individuals, students and corporate teams to identify their strengths, challenges and opportunities for growth. Julie combines her extensive business acumen, project management skills and technical know-how to quickly grasp a client's challenges and provide solutions that harness Harrison Solutions technology. She is an entrepreneur at heart and loves strategic alliances!

Anne Sandberg
Managing Partner

Anne Sandberg is Managing Director of Predict Success, a Southern California-based management consulting firm established in 1999. Anne has an MS degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and over 30 years of experience in human resources, training, organizational development and assessment field. Anne is a Managing Partner for Harrison Assessments and trains, manages, and serves clients and consultants worldwide.

colby jubenville
Consultant partner

Colby Jubenville, PdD, is the Director of the Center for Student Coaching and Success at Middle Tennessee State University, accomplished author, international speaker, professor, business advisor, entrepreneur and inventor. He holds an academic appointment at Middle Tennessee State University as Special Assistant to the Dean for Student Success and Strategic Partnerships in the College of Behavioral and Health Sciences.

Jonathan Reitz
Managing Partner

Jonathan Reitz, MCC is CoachNet's Director for Training/CEO. Jonathan has been coaching since 1996 and has worked with over 500 clients in the church, the non-profit sector and the business world. Jonathan holds the Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential in the International Coach Federation. He is the author of Coaching Hacks: Simple Strategies to Make Every Conversation More Effective and is the primary architect of the Integrated Coach Training process.

Richard Himmer
Consultant partner

Richard Himmer, PhD is an accomplished speaker, author and coach. He works with organizations (large and small) that want a culture of mutual trust and respect. Richard specializes in organizational and personal wellness with a concentration on emotional intelligence. The materials he has developed draws from over 40 years of training, experiences, and coaching.

Angela Raub
Consultant Partner

Angela Raub is the President and CEO of ARC LLC, provides solutions for hiring the right people, engaging employee development and tools for elevating existing talent. In the last decade, Angela ran a top-ten ranked MBA program at Georgia State University – J. Mack Robinson College of Business, served as the President and CEO of Leadercast, and consulted for businesses across various verticals. Through ARC, Angela now serves several Fortune 100’s, guiding them in evaluating and engaging their associates, using the proven Harrison Assessment team paradox analysis.

Amy Balog
Consultant Partner

Amy is the founder of an established executive coaching practice is a leadership consultant, learning facilitator, and executive coach. Before launching ConnextionPoint Services LLC, Amy spent seventeen years working in the IT and the management consulting industry selling complex project services, leading sales teams, and providing corporate project delivery oversight. Amy worked with CEOs to front line managers in Fortune 500 corporations. From this work, Amy authored in depth case studies to study and extract key leadership and engagement challenges that blocked productive change. 

Wayne Lynn
Consultant Partner

Wayne Lynn is an accomplished executive and leader. The breadth of his experience brings deep insight for the leaders he works with. His essential intent in life now is to help leaders of all types achieve their true purpose. Wayne offers CEO's, business owners, sales managers, and salespeople coaching as they lead their organizations and customers to better results.

Bill Blair
Consultant Partner

Bill helps companies select team members with confidence, develop soft skills of key players and coach teams more effectively. He works with individuals and corporate teams to identify their strengths, challenges and opportunities for growth. As a Consultant Partner of Harrison Assessments, he assists organizations with creating a synergy around people, performance and profitability.

Mike Decker
Consultant Partner

Mike leads a full-service marketing agency for financial professionals, and a marketing consultancy that specializes in providing insight to companies as to why some marketing campaigns work while others do not. He also co-founder the Himmer Institute, which teaching emotional intelligence to the individual, the family, and to the professional. Mike is a self-made entrepreneur that focuses on emotional intelligence while looking to understand the principles to drive success.

Consultant Partner

TJ's mission is to inspire individuals toward greatness by providing principles and tools that lead to high performance and achievement. He's been fortunate do this many years through speaking, writing books, creating audio programs, and providing comprehensive training to organizations of all kinds. From front line workers to management, he enjoys helping organizations thrive. TJ is a best-selling author and International Speaker and Motivator.

Joe Truncale
Consultant Partner

Joe leads an executive business advisory consultancy specializing in facilitating strategic plan development and execution, organizational culture and leadership development, financial and supervisory skills workshops. He is also an Adjunct Professor for NYU Teaching graduate courses in Managerial Psychology, Executive Leadership and C-Suite.

Consultant Partner

Anthony helps organizations grow by working with the leader and leadership teams to address dysfunctionality, improve operations, clarify and refine strategy, increase employee engagement, understand servant leadership and to trust each other.

Paula White
Consultant Partner

Paula is passionate about helping organizations strategically define and develop a high performing virtual Inside Sales Channel. She enjoys empowering sales leaders to embrace their unique style of leadership and help them find the courage to be the champion and advocate for their team that they desire to be.

Consultant Partner

Are YOU ready to make a change in YOUR life and/or your business? We have solid, time tested and proven solutions that can and do drive business & personal lives dramatically further ahead to entirely new levels of profitability, personal & professional satisfaction / success, employee stability, reduction in stress, and increased free time to do additional great things in yours & other people’s lives.

christina granahan
Consultant Partner

As a social worker and coach, every single question I ask is in service of the client's agenda - moving them forward into action while building their awareness around what motivates them, what holds them back, and what choices they make in their perceptions and assumptions about the people and situations around them. In leadership and management, people come to me who are looking for skills around providing feedback - either in the day to day or in performance reviews - as well as how to manage up, and how to increase skills around lateral leadership.

Consultant Partner

Tom is a business advisor, consultant, trainer and implementer - working with business owners, key executives & managers. As a Consultant partner of Harrison Assessments, he provides key knowledge to help clients identify, attract, hire & retain top talent - putting the right people in the right seats, through online assessment technology & behavior traits assessments Tom has significant experience over the past 25 years, working in the Direct Marketing industry, including Printing, Mailing, Product & Marketing Fulfillment, Data Management & Marketing Services

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