Missing a Step in the Hiring Process

Missing a Step in the Hiring Process

You place an opening on a job board to find the professional employee. This is considered time and money well spent since the position you are filling takes skill and requires a substantial amount of training and investment.

But what do you do with the applicants? How do you know from the resume and their references that they are the right fit for your job? Many past employers are afraid of the legal ramifications of indicating that a person did not work out in the job. Or, they may have an incentive to have you take this bad hire off their hands so they may stretch the truth in order to push the exit.

One of the next steps is typically to choose the top 5-10 and then interview. However, you are "missing a step" in the process. There are job fit assessments, such as the Harrison, that can give you an inside look at the applicant. Investing in a hiring assessment, one that is designed to examine suitability as well as eligibility, can save your organization time and resources. The return on investment in using a good hiring assessment tool can last a lifetime of employment.

There are some job boards who recognize the potential of a good job fit assessment. These boards are incorporating the HATS system in their candidate applications, adding a lot of value to their selection processes.

The hiring assessment step can be the essential foundation for organizational success. A high quality assessment used at the point of hire enables you to have the greatest impact on performance, productivity and retention.

The Harrison Assessment Tools take both the eligibility and the suitability of a candidate or employee into consideration. Eligibility relates to the individual's previous experience, educational qualifications and various skills or abilities necessary to perform in the job. Suitability relates to behavioral issues such as preferences, tendencies, attitudes and behavioral competencies necessary to perform well in the job. Both are very important for nearly every job.

HA is based upon over twenty years of experience. Harrison Assessments has developed a series of unique methods that make not only hiring more successful, HA enables career planning and leadership development as well. The methods combine to make online recruitment and employee development efficient and effective.