we'll help you master the skills for leading healthy teams

Developing yourself and your team has three learning experiences that provide a holistic, comprehensive development path through the Harrison Assessment paradoxical leadership lens.

Each learning experience includes:

  • 2 Pre-Course Videos
  • Online Self-Assessment
  • Personalized Harrison Assessment Reports
  • 2 Hour Interactive Virtual Sessions

The 3 workshops build-upon one another, or can be stand-alone experiences:

Relate – We examine behavioral patterns through four paradoxes that explore how you relate to yourself and others. This workshop focuses on the keys to emotional well-being that provide the foundation for deep, balanced relationships. The Relate workshop shows you how to confidently develop the people around you through superb communication skills, mutual respect and through developing a culture of feedback. 

Achieve – We examine behavioral patterns through four paradoxes that relate to how you tend to get work done at a very high level of excellence -- thinking through problems using whole-brain approaches, keeping a cool head, innovating and persisting in the face of adversity, and balancing efficiency with adaptability to inevitable change and technological advances.

Lead – We examine behavioral patterns through four paradoxes that relate to how you lead others with authoritative collaboration. That is, how you approach risk and business opportunity, how you hold others accountable in ways that gain their commitment (not just compliance), how you tend to delegate, and how you inspire others give 100% of their discretionary effort.

Each learning experience is highly participative and thought-provoking and is based upon your results provided by the Harrison Assessments Paradox Reports. The 12 paradoxes in the Harrison system are covered in each of three streams: Relate, Achieve, and Lead. Each learning experience concludes with a detailed action plan that you devise based on what you learn in the course with concrete behaviors that will change the way you lead forever.

Upcoming Dates for Virtual Sessions -Each Session is 1 pm – 3pm EST

  • Relate: August 13
  • Achieve: August 14
  • Lead: August 15

Price: $349 per person per session

get in touch if you would like us to conduct these workshops on-site