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Thank you for participating in Leadercast Women 2019! We are confident that you walked away with the courage to make a difference in your community, the boldness to take control of your career and the confidence to lead and guide others to thriving futures.

Harrison Assessment in partnership with Leadercast would like to be helpful to you along your journey of becoming a better leader worth following. 

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We'll help you acquire and on-board the right talent, develop, lead and engage your people. 

Harrison’s award-winning, assessment science and technology saves you time and money, while enabling you to hire the best candidates and target development needs.

The unique methodology of the enjoyment performance theory (focusing on behavioral preferences) and the paradox theory (focusing on interpersonal, achievement and leadership behaviors) improves one’s ability to predict success and inspire performance.


don't miss leadercast live 2020

Positive Disruption - Leadercast Live 2020

Disturbance. Disorder. Disarrangement. Many people think these are negatives in the workplace. But Leadercast Live 2020 will explain why disruption is the best way to make positive, lasting change in your company.

The speakers who will take the stage are change makers. They are trailblazers. They are people who face big ideas head on and take their teams to new heights.

Learn from our leadership experts on how to purposefully interrupt organizational functions to bring new energy, ideas, processes and success to your team. At Leadercast Live 2020, you will discover how you can upset the normal workflow to bring positive change in your organization.