If you would like your team members or colleagues to complete the Harrison Assessment and join you at Leadercast Live, select the Adult + Harrison Assessment ticket option and use the coupon code GROUP for 10% off your ticket price when purchasing three or more tickets. 

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As a leader, becoming self-aware of your own strengths and challenges is the first step to ensuring your team functions at its highest and healthiest. Chances are you’ve already completed the Harrison Assessment for Leadercast Live 2019, but want to continue your journey toward being a leader worth following. 

We have lots of additional reports (see below) that we can generate for you to help you on your journey. As long as you use the same email address you did for Leadercast Live 2019, you won’t have to take the assessment again. We’ll just use the data you already provided and generate the reports.  Of course if you want to self-assess again, that’s fine too – you’ll get a link in your purchase confirmation.