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how harrison talent solutions will benefit your practice

Help Your Clients Solve Their People Problems With Actionable, Data Driven Talent Analytics

Provide clients with analytics to make objective decisions in relation to acquiring, developing, leading and engaging their talent. 

  • Increase your bandwidth
  • Become more impactful.
  • Help people become more effective in their roles.
  • Create stronger relationships through trust and confidence.
  • Open more opportunities and business. 
  • Provide solutions faster.
  • Provide solutions more effectively.
  • Provide more cost effective solutions.
  • Accelerate corporate cultural transformation.
  • Predict the performance of talent.
  • Conduct your business virtually (for as long as you need to).

Engage your clients according to their needs with a full range of solutions including:

  • Employee Engagement & Fulfillment
  • Team Development
  • Performance Development
  • Talent Acquisition & Onboarding 
  • Behavioral Competency Development
  • Succession Planning 
  • Career Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Team & Collaboration Development
  • Emotional Intelligence Development
  • Remote Work & Remote Leadership Development


who should consider becoming a harrison Solutions partner

  • Coaches & Trainers who want to facilitate behavioral change for their clients.
  • Human Resources Consultants who want to help their clients implement a talent management program that generates real results in productivity and engagement.
  • Entrepreneurs interested in being a part of the growing predictive talent analytics market.
  • Engagement Specialists looking to gain an understanding of expectations, supporting behaviors and current fulfillment levels at the individual, team and organizational levels.
  • Career Advisors who want access to the most accurate career selection and development data available.
  • Industrial - Organizational Psychologists who want to gain incredibly detailed individual and group behavioral data.
  • Recruitment Consultants looking to transform their hiring accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Management Consultants who want to understand one of the key drivers of organizational performance – people, by measuring job fit, culture fit, engagement, behavioral competencies and leadership across individuals, teams and the organizational itself.

how it works

  • You'll experience the Harrison Assessment
  • We'll set you up and train you to use your own Harrison Solutions Interface
  • You'll complete our self-paced accreditation & certification course (20 hours)
  • We'll prepare you for your competency demonstration (2 - 90 Minute Practice Sessions)
  • You'll pass your competency demonstration
  • You'll receive your certificate of accreditation from Harrison 
  • We'll support you in growing your business & share best practices
  • You'll invest $2,500 for all of the above
Harrison Assessments dashboard on laptop and sample report.

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