Why Us?[list style="info"]

  • Peak Focus is a Master Distributor of the Harrison Assessments™ Technology.  Harrison Assessments™ assists organizations worldwide in their efforts to hire, develop, promote, and retain top talent. Its unique, fully customizable job analysis and integrated assessment technologies ensure optimum job fit and predict job success. The system effectively addresses selection, development, engagement, succession, and career planning needs to manage talent from front line to executive levels. Click here for an overview of Harrison Assessments™ Technology.[/list]


How Much Time Will It Take?[list style="info"]

  • For your employees:  It will take your employees 30 minutes to complete the online assessment.  If you choose for your team to receive their Greatest Strengths Report, they will receive it within 24 hours of completing the assessment.
  • For your corporate lead:  It will take you less than an hour to review the results of the Team Engagement & Retention Analysis.  You will receive this report within 24 hours of all of your employees completing the online assessment.[/list]


What's the Cost?[list style="info"]

  • We recommend that you provide your employees with their Greatest Strengths Report which costs $18 per employee.  Focusing on the strengths of your team will create one of the strongest levels of engagement.  This is an optional step, but a great first step for them to feel appreciated and engaged.  Click here to learn more about the Greatest Strengths Report.
  • The Team Engagement & Retention Analysis will be generated from the results of your teams assessment, whether you purchase the Greatest Strengths Reports or not.  The Team Engagement & Retention Analysis costs a total of $975 no matter how many employees participate.  A group could be a department, a physical location (plant or facility), division, or the entire company. Click here to learn more about the Analysis.
  • If you are interested in further engaging your team at the same time, we offer Individual Engagement & Retention Analysis Reports for each of your employees which costs $35 per employee. This is an optional step, but a step in the right direction to further the engagement of your team.  Click here to learn more about the Individual Engagement & Retention Analysis.[/list]


How Do We Get Started?[list style="info"]

It's easy to get started.  If you would like to make your purchase online today, please click here.  If you prefer to process the order directly with someone from our team, please see the instructions below.

  • We'll need a list of the employees that you want to participate: first name, last name and email address.  We'll generate an invitation for them to take the online assessment.
  • We'll need to know what reports you want to receive:  a)  Individual Greatest Strengths Reports, b) Team Engagement & Retention Analysis Reports, c) Individual Engagement & Retention Analysis Reports
  • We'll need to know your contact information, billing information and method of payment - credit card or company invoice.
  • Contact Us Today to Get Started!   E:  contact@mygreateststrengths.com | T: 678.653.0743  [/list]


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