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In successful companies, the customer is not king. It goes against every business cliché you might’ve heard, but a customer can’t be served adequately without a quality staff of employees representing your business.

Simply put: Your employees need to be the priority of your company.

Building upon employee strengths in a manner that will enhance productivity for your business is a smart investment to make. So where do you start?

The best way for people to grow and develop is to identify their strengths, focus on those things they do really well and develop those strengths. Putting their strengths to work will lead to optimized performance of your business.

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We’ll customize the most cost effective way to assess your team so they’ll know their strengths, focus on what they’re great at and grow their strengths, and at the same time create a strong personal brand so that they can show their strengths…all while building the engagement of your team and the credibility of your company.

My Greatest Strengths, a Division of Peak Focus

Peak Focus is a Master Distributor of the Harrison Assessments™ Technology.

Harrison Assessments™ assists organizations worldwide in their efforts to hire, develop, promote, and retain top talent. Its unique, fully customizable job analysis and integrated assessment technologies ensure optimum job fit and predict job success. The system effectively addresses selection, development, succession, and career planning needs to manage talent from front line to executive levels. Click here for an overview of Harrison Assessments™ Technology.

Peak Focus launched to assist individuals and corporate teams to identify their greatest strengths, focus on development of their strengths, create a strong personal brand and add credibility to their social profiles.

Our goal is to guide companies and individuals toward optimized performance.

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