Behavioral Assessments Need to Be Job Specific

Behavioral Assessments Need to Be Job Specific

Job specific assessments are more accurate and more fair. They identify and develop those people who are most likely to succeed in a particular job for a particular company. However, most behavioral assessments are not job specific and only describe the individual's personality. This is unfair to the employer because it does not support the analysis of behavior related to the specific job requirements and thus often leads to wrong conclusions. In addition, in many countries, it puts the employer at legal risk. It is also unfair to the individuals being assessed because it usually leads to conclusions that are not based on the behaviors that impact the specific job.

Some personality assessment suppliers have attempted to solve this problem by focusing on general roles such as management or general titles such as project manager. However, this approach also does not take into consideration sufficient detail related to the specific job requirements.

Managers do many different things and the behavioral requirements differ just as much if not more than the requirements for qualifications.

Each organization has its own culture and each job has its own key performance indicators. Any good assessment including behavioral assessments must be able to be configured to weight and rank the importance of those factors to correctly reflect the needs of the job enabling accurate interpretation of the assessment.

Even if the assessment as configured to job titles such as Project Manager, it is not sufficient. While it may seem logical to assess against such a title, it is still too general. project managers can be found in almost every organization within every industry; and the specific behavioral requirements can vary greatly. Some have real management responsibilities such as budget and strategy while others simply coordinate related to the project. Some have much more technical responsibilities while others do not. Consequently, the interpretation of the assessment is likely to be flawed.

Harrison Assessments provides over 6500 specific job templates that make assessment more accurate and relevant to the specific job. In addition, these titles can be further customized to reflect the behaviors necessary for the specific key performance indicators for the job, the specific responsibilities and even the specific culture of the organization and temperament of the manager.