Bad Egg or Humpty Dumpty

Bad Egg or Humpty Dumpty

You have that employee that doesn't quite fit or is not quite up to performance standards. Some refer to them as "toxic" or "pains". In previous blogs we have referred to them by different stereotypes... Mini Napoleon, Crowd Pleaser, Emotional Moody, Ego Almighty, Verbal Caustic... Etc. These employees are disrupters in the work place often hindering productivity and considered to be liabilities.

They are often categorized as "Bad Eggs" and a knee jerk reaction may be to throw them away. However, you may have invested a significant amount of time, energy and training dollars into this person. And, they may have some redeeming qualities that could be developed. It may be possible to correct negative behavior and there may be the possibility to pair them with the right team member could actually lead to positive results. A Humpty Dumpty action of repairing, fixing and putting back together the Egg.

A small investment in the Harrison Assessment and the multiple reports and directional tools could provide instructions on just what is broken and what the recommended fix could be. The Harrison Assessment is job specific and measures task enjoyment and the possible negative behavior triggers. It offers insightful reports that can help you get a better understanding of what challenges your employees and teams are currently facing and how you can fix your Humpty Dumpty's.

The smart questionnaire takes 20-30 minutes and is administered on-line. A Harrison Certified consultant can help you use the reports to repair your eggs and not throw them away unless absolutely necessary.