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Emotional Moody

Do you have an "Emotional Moody" type person working for you? Almost every multiple employee organization today has experienced some form or another of a "Bad Apple" employee; someone who, whether consciously or subconsciously, disrupts or hinders the advancement of productivity in the workplace. One type of bad apple is the "Emotional Moody". Characteristics: Temperamental [...]

Zealous Extremist

Do you have a Zealous Extremist working for you? Characteristics: Strong personal values and life principles; completely passionate and committed to his own belief system. Can be overzealous in preaching or influencing others towards one's belief system. Traits to look out for: High influencing power, highly cause-motivated, highly certain and enjoys teaching and/or making presentations. [...]

Harrison's Job Success Formula - JSF

Personality tests are increasingly popular due to the importance of understanding how an employee or job candidate will behave. Since poor performance usually relates to behavioral issues, measuring job behavior is essential. However, personality tests are very general, usually measuring only 4-30 personality factors which are used for every job. In contrast, Harrison Assessments' award [...]

Walkway Strollers (or Web Browsers)

Do you have a Walkway Stroller/Web Browser at your office? You may recognize the type: Characteristics: Highly mobile around the office complex and loves peeping into others' cubicle (workstation) finding out how others are managing their work and life. This behavior may manifest itself virtually. The walkway stroller may not cruise the actual hallways, they [...]

Suitability and Hiring Selection Success

For most jobs, suitability/behavioral factors are about 50% of the reason people succeed or fail at a job. Therefore, effectively measuring suitability should be an essential part of any job fit or hiring assessment. The importance of assessing behavior during recruitment is evidenced by the fact that most organizations hire people for their eligibility and [...]