My Greatest Strengths Advocate Program


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If you are not an advocate, you can join the advocate program here:

If you believe in what we do and have a target audience that you believe would benefit from our products, please consider joining our Advocate Program.  Once you are registered, we will provide you with marketing resources to promote My Greatest Strengths and in turn we will pay you a commission of 15% per sale generated from the unique URL that we provide you with.

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Thank you for participating in My Greatest Strengths Advocate Program.

We will actively provide you with new marketing resources as we create them.


As a reminder, your advocate URL for the main site is:


For the main site, this is what your embed code should look like:

<a href="[affiliates_url]">My Greatest Strengths</a>

You can change the text My Greatest Strengths in the above code to be whatever you would like the visitor to see.

Keep in mind you can use any link on our site and create a link with your advocate code by adding the following to the end of the link:



Below is a form that you can use to enter any page link from and generate an advocate link with your advocate id included. Paste or enter the URL on the page that you want to have an advocate link generated for and click the GENERATE button. Your unique advocate link will appear in the Affiliate URL box. Copy this link and use it for your marketing efforts.




Below you will find a variety of banners that you can use to promote My Greatest Strengths.  Below each image you will find the embed code with your advocate id already embedded,  Just copy the code and paste where you want to use it.  Please do not hesitate to contact us ( if you need additional size banners.

Horizontal Banners

[affiliates_banner id="866"]


[affiliates_banner id="864"]


[affiliates_banner id="901"]


[affiliates_banner id="905"]


[affiliates_banner id="640"]


[affiliates_banner id="690"]


[affiliates_banner id="638"]


[affiliates_banner id="692"]



Vertical Banners

[affiliates_banner id="903"]


[affiliates_banner id="907"]


[affiliates_banner id="644"]


[affiliates_banner id="642"]


Twitter Images for use as an In-Stream Photo – 440 x 220.  Twitter gives users the ability to attach photos to any of their tweets.  This is the recommended size by Twitter as it will automatically re-size it appropriately.

[affiliates_banner id="663"]


[affiliates_banner id="661"]


[affiliates_banner id="659"]


[affiliates_banner id="651"]


[affiliates_banner id="657"]


[affiliates_banner id="655"]


[affiliates_banner id="653"]


[affiliates_banner id="649"]


Facebook Images for use as a Shared Image - 1200 x 1200. A shared image is one of the most common forms of sharing on Facebook. These images will always appear on your timeline, and ideally they will show up in most of your followers’ News Feeds.  This is the recommended size by Facebook as it will automatically re-size it appropriately.  

[affiliates_banner id="665"]


[affiliates_banner id="667"]


[affiliates_banner id="670"]


[affiliates_banner id="672"]


[affiliates_banner id="674"]


[affiliates_banner id="676"]


[affiliates_banner id="678"]


[affiliates_banner id="680"]

LinkedIn Images for use as a Shared Image - 180 x 90.

[affiliates_banner id="875"]


[affiliates_banner id="877"]


[affiliates_banner id="879"]


[affiliates_banner id="881"]


[affiliates_banner id="883"]


[affiliates_banner id="885"]


[affiliates_banner id="887"]


[affiliates_banner id="889"]