An organization is only as strong as its team! People are your most valuable asset and navigating your way through a multi-generational workforce can be challenging. Chances are you struggle with hiring, developing, motivating, promoting or retaining top talent.

Peak Focus is here to help you select your team members with confidence, develop the soft skills of your key players and learn how to coach your entire team more effectively. We work with individuals and corporate teams to identify their strengths, challenges and opportunities for growth.

What Our Clients Say

Having experienced Harrison Assessments™ Technology personally, I heartily encourage everyone with hiring responsibilities to seek out Peak Focus. You’ll make far better people decisions and enjoy the benefits of improved performance in your business for years to come.
Wayne Lynn, Industry Consultant
Jerry is excellent at asking questions, listening and understanding our issues while relating and creating solutions for the culture or environment we are in. His character and integrity during a process or encounter leave quite an impression.
Bill Garvey, Athens Paper
Harrison Assessments™ have helped Burco significantly raise the caliber and talent of our Outside Advertising Sales Professionals. This has been one of the most difficult and competitive positions to recruit for. By utilizing Harrisons’ automated recruitment process, specifically the eligibility and suitability screens, we have brought in a new level of professionalism to our sales staff. The assessments and scoring levels have been a substantial time saver, screening the candidates to meet our specific criteria. I am finally set in recruiting our National Sales Team. Thanks for making my workday go a little easier and for being a great talent acquisition partner.
Luann Labedz, Burco
Jerry Scher has a deep working knowledge of sales processes and in the evaluation and recruiting of sales talent and we have contracted with Jerry for multiple projects across both subject areas. On a couple of occasions, I have asked Jerry Scher to jump into projects mid-stream, where both the project and project teams were at risk of red-lining and in these cases, Jerry’s outstanding coaching and people skills were critical to getting the team members, and ultimately the project, back on track.  Jerry has become a valuable and trusted resource to our management team and to me, and we will absolutely not hesitate to engage him in the future as opportunities to so present themselves.
Shaun Kilfoyle, W+D North America
Jerry Scher and I have known each other through the Printing & Imaging Association of Georgia (PIAG) for more than 10 years. Jerry has been a friend, a teacher, a mentor and a consultant to me and my company, Imedia Group.  Jerry has worked tirelessly as a volunteer board member for PIAG and the PIAG Educational Foundation. He brings a level of professionalism, accountability and common sense maturity to the boardroom as well as to the workplace. Jerry was awarded the Ben Franklin Award by PIAG for his dedication and service. The Ben Franklin Award is the highest honor awarded by the association in the state of Georgia.  Jerry’s experience in hiring and training skilled, professional sales and marketing staff has been invaluable to me and my company. His consulting and instruction are based on tried and true methods backed with accountability measures.
David Canady, Imedia Group
I have worked with Jerry over the past eight years in several capacities. He has proven in every situation to be a quick thinker, excellent teacher, and consummate professional. The last project Peak Focus helped me with saved our company several thousand dollars in recruiting cost and helped us fill several very unique sales positions in a short period of time. I would highly recommend Jerry and Peak Focus for anything involving talent acquisition and evaluation, sales coaching and training, strategic business planning, or any other situation in which the need involves change and people. I look forward to my next engagement with Jerry and Peak Focus.
Mike Robinson, Indexx
Jerry is a forward thinker. If you need a way to set your business apart from the crowd he is your guy. He is also a great speaker, trainer and individual.
John Coyle, Peeples Printing
Peak Focus provided me with real-world valuable information on sales skills building and the importance of relationship building.
Karen Fleischman, Green Smart Shopper
Jerry is one of the most energetic and innovative individuals I have had the opportunity to work with in my career. He was always looking for new ways to create value for the organization and bring value to our clients. He has an eye on the future as trends change, and he adapts himself to effectively address the changing environment. I hope to have the chance to work with Jerry again in some future endeavor.
Howard Ragin, Printers' Service
Jerry organized workshops for us focused on developing sales professionals within our member companies. He delivered a clear road map that outlined measurement criteria, motivational tactics, fundamental principals as well as specific details relevant to the audience. He included remedies to road blocks he knew from experience would present themselves to those responsible for growing sales. He is extremely effective at getting participation from a wide spectrum of attendees and immediately relates his personal experience in a way that reassures everyone he knows what he is talking about. His material is relevant to today’s challenges and crosses industry borders and sales channels. I would highly recommend Jerry to any company or organization in need of immediate results…definable, measurable and deliverable!
Clay Oliff, Board Member, PIVA
Peak Focus’s reason for being is helping people and companies improve their effectiveness by not only helping map out a success plan but coaching them through the implementation as well.
Rachel Ann Shattah, Printing & Imaging Association of Georgia
I have never worked with another individual as sharp, intuitive, patient, and with a vision for the future as Jerry Scher. He has impacted my like like no other person (my father excluded). There are days when Jerry is “sitting” on my shoulder steering me in the proper direction. I would recommend Jerry’s expertise to anyone!
Bruce Federman, Printers Merchandising Corp.
We’ve contracted with Jerry Scher in several capacities including sales training, leadership development, organizational development, change management, effective communication and building appropriate work teams. In all cases he has received outstanding evaluations. He’s thorough in his planning and preparation and provides valuable tools for participants. The value is well above the cost! Jerry teaches because he cares about the industry and he has a desire to make it better. I highly recommend Jerry.
Cindy Seel, Printing & Imaging Association of Georgia


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